Press and Media

I have had some shares of media and press mentions. This is despite the fact that I hesitate to promote my blog and focus more on creating quality content and sharing good recipes. I believe creating good content is more important than self-promotion.

Myself and the blog has been mentioned in the following media and press features

  • Some recipes featured in Buzzfeed.
  • In 2020 for the Diwali festival, I took part in a Google project on Cameos which involved top Indian chefs, Youtubers and recipe partners. For the Diwali festive season, I answered many queries in relation to the Diwali festival food and a few top Indian dishes.
  • Featured in December 2019 hard copy issue of Femina Magazine. Photo here.
  • Peta India included the recipe links in their post for special Navratri vegan recipes.
  • Recipe links mentioned in in an article 5 Indian vegetarian budget-friendly food.
  • A recipe photo featured for Ganesh Chaturthi festival in India Today magazine.
  • A recipe link mentioned in the New York Times.
  • I also contributed to an article on where 26 vegan food bloggers share the most important vitamins they take.
  • Featured in the Femina magazine issue (Oct 15 2017) in their featured article on top 50 bloggers in various niches. Photo here.
  • Featured in Patrika newspaper (August – 2017). Photo here. the article has been featured in all the Patrika newspapers across different towns and cities of India.
  • Drumstick rasam recipe published in Times of India Hyderabad edition. Check the newspaper photo Here.
  • The blog received a mention in Maharashtratimes. check the newspaper photo Here.
  • My interview with the roasted tomato soup recipe featured in the smart life magazine – you can read the image Here.
  • A health magazine from the Manorama group in their publication of December 2012.
  • The blog was featured on the 2nd number on top 13 Indian food blogs who use social media effectively. You can read the curated list both here and here.
  • Mango iced tea published at the popular website
  • My interview was published in the foremost Indian beauty and fashion website The entire interview can be read here.
  • My interview by fellow food blogger Helene published at Food writer Friday.
  • A very nice and touching testimonial by fellow food blogger Divya at

Many recipes from my blog are mentioned in the

  1. Sweet lassi at Slideshow
  2. Methi matar malai at Slideshow
  3. Moong dal dhokla at Slideshow
  4. South Indian mushroom & peas curry at Here and Here
  5. Peas kachori at Slideshow
  6. Radish sambar at Slideshow
  7. Punjabi dum aloo at Slideshow
  8. Garlic dal at Slideshow
  9. Garlic naan at Slideshow
  10. Mango iced tea at Here and Here
  11. Sarson ka saag at Slideshow
  12. Bharwan bhindi at Slideshow
  13. Paneer butter masala at Slideshow
  14. Kashmiri dum aloo at Slideshow
  15. Mushroom biryani e dum pukht at Slideshow
  16. Mushroom vindaloo at Slideshow
  17. Bhindi masala at this Slideshow
  18. Bhindi bhaji at Slideshow
  19. Pomegranate vanilla mousse at Here and Here
  20. Mushroom manchurian at Slideshow
  21. Egg paratha at Slideshow
  22. Mango banana papaya smoothie at Slideshow
  23. Baingan bhaja at Slideshow
  24. Muhamarra dip at Slideshow
  25. Kadai mushroom at Slideshow
  26. Punjabi style green chutney at Slideshow
  27. Peri-peri sauce at Slideshow