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Get the latest and new vegetarian recipes together with recently updated existing recipes.

Meet Dassana

Welcome to Dassana’s Veg Recipes – a food blog which I created in 2009 to share vegetarian recipes from India & around the World. Having been cooking for decades and with a professional background in cooking & baking, I help you to make your cooking journey easier with my tried and tested recipes showcased with my step by step photos, plenty of tips and ideas.

My popular and trending evergreen vegetarian recipes.

Popular World Vegetarian Recipes

Find below some of my vegetarian recipes from the World Cuisine that are popular with our readers and fans.

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Browse through our popular categories to find the vegetarian recipes you want.

Breakfast Recipes

Find some popular Indian breakfast recipes that are both a comfort food and favored by many of us.

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Paneer Recipes

For paneer lovers, get your favorite paneer recipe right now.

Lentils and Legumes

If you love lentils, try these various healthy and protein packed recipes made with different types of lentils and legumes.

官网幸运飞行艇开奖记录历史查询结果 Indian Street Food

There is so much to choose from a diverse street food culture in India. So many tantalizing dishes that is a favorite with many Indians.

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Pani Puri

Rice Recipes

Indian cuisine has many recipes made with rice. Try some of these unique vegetarian rice recipes that you will surely love making again and again.

Eggless Cakes & Desserts

Get some of my time tested cakes, desserts and cookie recipes made without eggs.

Indian Sweets

If you love Indian Sweets, then I have got you covered. There is a sweet for every occasion and celebration. Check out some of the popular Indian sweets.

Sides & Condiments

Find some popular side dishes and condiments consisting of various dips like chutneys and sauces.

Soup Recipes

Soups make up a comforting entree or side to any meal. Listed below are some popular soup recipes from the blog.

From World Cuisine

Game to check out and try a completely new recipe which you have never made before. Try out my my tried and tested vegetarian recipes from various cuisines and I can guarantee, you will love these.

Curry Recipes

Dry Vegetable Recipes

Pasta Recipes

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